Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

Some tips to apply eye shadow for blue eyes

  • Always consider blending as your best tool to get that smoky effect for your blue eyes. You can choose 2 to 3 shades of eye shadow and blend it well on your eye lids. As you have blue eyes, you can experiment and play with lots of colors. Dramatic shades looks stunning on your eyes.
  • The golden rule to highlight your blue eyes is to apply a crease of dark shadow on the lid and sweep the color in such a way that it blends towards the outside edge.

  • You can also pop your eyes with a slight application of shimmer on lids and around eyes. But please note over application of shimmer can make your fine lines and wrinkles visible.
  • Choose shades that are contrasting to your eye color. Colors like beige, prune and burgundy can simply create magical and stunning look for your eyes.
  • Even metallic colors of eye shadow can compliment your eyes very well.
  • If you want a brighter appearance for eyes, dot of white colored shadow on the lids of eyes and make them look brighter and gorgeous.

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