Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lip makeup - Lip glosses, lip balms & lipsticks

Lip glosses are the new rage and it is famous in all the age groups. Lip glosses are of different types, some are shimmery while some are nude. Some are colored while some are transparent. Glosses can also be applied over lipsticks add a shine.

Some lip glosses also contain collagen that plumps up the lips. So this is quite the ideal option then injecting stuffs inside your lips! 

Apart from lip glosses there are the chap sticks and the lip balm. Lip balm and chap sticks contain petroleum jelly which is known to have healing properties. They cure chapped and dry lips. These balms and chap sticks contain sun protection factor which protects your lips from tanning. So always keep one handy and keep applying them at regular intervals.

Shimmery lip glosses should be avoided as the shimmer particles can get a little tricky to remove afterwards. Apply nude shades for a day time look and the colored lip glosses can be worn for the night time party look!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Nail art designs for short nails

Now, if you have small nails, you might think that nail art designs cannot be done. On the contrary there are many designs which can look extremely good on short nails.  Here are some crazy nail art ideas which can be easily done at home.

Stripe design can look very good on short nails. You can apply lighter shade for the base and darker shades to make the stripes. Shades of black and navy blue are quite in rage. You can also go for metallic shades as well. Apply the first coat and allow it to dry. After the coats have dried, apply the stripes. You can go for horizontal stripes or vertical ones. You can also go a bit graphic. Apart from the two colors, you will need a nail art pen. After both the coats have dried off, you use of the pen to draw lines over it to create another design altogether.

Bring the 70’s back with the polka dot design. How easy can it get? We have seen out favorite celebs sporting this design. All you need are two nail colors. Paint your nails the way you do and use a pop art to apply the small dot and you are sorted.

You can also try diagonal lines over your nail paints. Keep it simple and neat.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Face Protection against Sun

Every woman seeks to look attractive and graceful. She tries hundreds of new beauty products to enhance her natural beauty and have that vivid persona. But there are many factors that you can say blemishes the skin and damages it. One such factor that can damage your skin is over sun exposure. Nowadays, there are thousands of cosmetics available in the market that can help you repair your skin against sunburns and other related issues.

Following are some tips that can help you protect you from skin damage from sun
  • Always wear shades when you are going out in sun and cover your face with a stole or some piece of cloth.
  • Avoid using indoor sunlamps and tanning beds as they are more harmful and damaging for your skin than the sun.
  • Apply a good sunscreen moisturizer before you step in sun. Buy products with an SPF number of 30 or higher. As they allows long hours of protection against sun.
  • Try and stay away from sun during 10.00am to 4.00 pm as this is the period the ultraviolet rays are the strongest.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink a lot of water before going out in day.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Types of Eyeshadow

Cream:  Cream shadows come in a variety of colors, but make sure you keep the container tightly closed after every each use, or it will dry and cannot be used again. It's very convenient to use as you can just dab it on with your finger and blend out. As it greasy in nature, it’s more suitable for dry and normal skin. Oily skinned should rather prefer using powder type eyeshadow.

Matte:  Mattes come in a variety of colors, more so than any other type. It's a good idea to dust on a bit of sheer powder over the lids, if you want to go for a dramatic event like a cocktail evening party. It is excellent for all skin types.

Liquid: It brings a shimmery appearance and works well as a base for powdered eyeshadow. Liquid shadows are not easily available, so the color range is limited. They are a kind of cream eyeshadows and can be worn easily.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Natural Face Care Tips

Face is very sensitive part of our body and has to face a lot from external factors such as smoke, pollution etc. A good face can reflect your looks and it can either make or break your appearance.

Following are some tips to take care of your body which indirectly can give good outcome for your face.

  • Make sure to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Drinking water helps to wash off the toxins from your body and also keeps your skin hydrated which indirectly makes your face appear radiant and cheerful. 
  • Cleanse and tone your face at least twice a day and make sure the products you are using for the same belongs from a good brand.
  • Don’t resort to habit of drinking of alcohol or smoking. It is very injurious for your health and affects your skin very badly.
  • Avoid drinking beverages and soft drinks a lot as it is harmful for health and can affect your skin type.
  • Eat plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits and milk products every day.
  • Indulge in regular habit of exercise and make sure you devote at least 30 minutes for the same every day in morning. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Simple and Easy Tips for Glowing Skin

Skin is a very sensitive part of our body and if not taken proper care it is unsullied very fast. Your skin texture reflects the kind of lifestyle you lead. And so it becomes very crucial for you to maintain a good health so that you can have flawless radiant skin.

Here are some tips that can help you get the perfect flawless skin:

  • Firstly, it’s very important for you to drink lots of water as helps to flush off all the toxins from the body and keeps your skin hydrated all the time.
  • Indulge in good eating habits and follow a balanced diet. Include food items like milk products, fish, fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits daily in your diet. And avoid eating lots of junk and fried food.
  • Do regular exercises as this makes your body move and makes you fit from within. Devote at least 30 minutes every day for exercise.
  • Don’t get in habits of smoking and drinking of alcohol as this affects the body and skin very badly.
  • Try to lead a stress free life. Give at least an hour every day for anything that you cherish or love to do.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Perfect Moisturizer!

Skin moisturizer is one of the essential components to have a flawless skin as it protects the skin in many ways. It ensures the skin to be softer, by increasing its hydration and reducing evaporation. In market moisturizer for all skin types are available, you just need to pick the right one for you. 

For treating skin dryness, there are many moisturizers available in market and the most appropriate moisturizers for dry skin are heavier, oil-based and contain ingredients such as antioxidants, grape seed oil . For very dry, cracked skin, petrolatum-based products are preferable, as they have more lasting than creams and are more effective in preventing water evaporation. Moisturizers for oily skin are water based. Where else moisturizers for ageing skin are generally formulated to keep skin soft and are richly oil-based along with anti oxidant that allows the skin to be hydrated.

To apply the moisturizer in any skin type .First thing that needs to start with, is washing your face with a mild soap and lukewarm water and then apply the moisturizer all over your face and body. Later allow the moisturizer to completely absorb in your skin and then apply the desired makeup.

Mascara application tips

Choose mascara, there are many types available. They’re the ones which add volume to your eyelashes. There are different types of mascara available - waterproof mascara, curling mascara’s, conditioning mascara, thickening mascara and colored mascara’s.  For a day time look go for the lengthening one while for the night time look, add drama by going for the long lasting waterproof mascara with a thickening formula.

Choose mascara that matches with your hair. If you have dark hair, go for black mascara and if you have blonde or reddish brown hair, go for brown toned one.

Although there is curling mascara, I would strongly advise you to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This is because the curling mascara’s don’t really work that well. The mascara should be applied from the end to the tip of the lashes.

Keep your chin up and apply the mascara in an upward stroke. Role the mascara from the end to the very tip. Apply three to four coats. Allow each coat to dry first.

After you have applied the coat, separate the lashes using an eyelash comb. Use a soft piece of cloth to remove the residuals.

Find some more tips on how to choose right mascara here!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Quick Makeup Tips

When it comes to eye makeup you should know for which colors can accentuate your eyes the best. For making eye lashes alluring apply at least two coats of mascara. Apply eye liner after the application of eye shadow. For evening makeup, use dramatic shades. On the other hand, for day makeup go for more supple and soft color.

While applying foundation, make sure it is one shade lighter than your skin tone and also belongs from a good brand. For evening parties, if you are going to click pictures than go foundation shades that are more in yellow shades as this shade enable good face for photography.

Apply lip liner as this provides lining and definition to your lips and also stops your lipstick from bleeding. To make sure that the lipstick remains for longer, apply at least two coats of lipstick. You can even apply lip gloss and lip balm to bring the shiny effect for the lips.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tips for glowing skin

When it comes to flawless beauty one thing that everyone feels to have, is a glowing a skin. There are endless numbers of products that are available in market in which only few are effective, that to if they are brought in use properly. But getting a flawless skin is not at all impossible job. If you keep certain things in mind and follow a proper beauty regime then surely you can get that healthy and glowing skin.

Following are some points that you need to keep in mind for a glowing skin.

Firstly, to get a healthy skin is to drink a lot of water. You must eat lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Your diets should consist of all vitamins and proteins. Every morning and before going to bed make sure to cleanse and wash your face properly. Avoid beauty products that have many harmful chemicals. They might affect your skin badly and leave your skin with rashes. Follow up cleanse with a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Especially after exfoliating! 

Do regular exercise and yoga which is suitable for you.Keep your hands off your face as much as possible. Your hands naturally have oils on them that can clog pores and may result in more pimples.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Eye Makeup for Brown and Blue Eyes

Eye makeup for brown eyes

The main criteria that you need to consider while applying eye makeup for brown eyes is that you should let them stand out differently with the help of using different colors. You should the right color and base for your eye color. Choose eye shadow colors that are contrasting to your eye color. For example, for brown eyes choose shades like green, bronze etc. You can use brown eye liner to accentuate eyes. To highlight them you also consider using a eye pencil. 

Eye makeup for Blue eyes

If you have blue eyes then you can experiment with many shades. Many believe that blue shades can only compliments eyes, but this is not the case. You must always consider using different colors for your eyes. Colors like browns, rusty colors, peaches or greys can really make your eyes look elegant and different. You can also apply two or more eye shadow on your eye lids. Start with the lightest and precede it with darkest color. Black eye liners are good options for blue eyes.