Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Eye Makeup for Brown and Blue Eyes

Eye makeup for brown eyes

The main criteria that you need to consider while applying eye makeup for brown eyes is that you should let them stand out differently with the help of using different colors. You should the right color and base for your eye color. Choose eye shadow colors that are contrasting to your eye color. For example, for brown eyes choose shades like green, bronze etc. You can use brown eye liner to accentuate eyes. To highlight them you also consider using a eye pencil. 

Eye makeup for Blue eyes

If you have blue eyes then you can experiment with many shades. Many believe that blue shades can only compliments eyes, but this is not the case. You must always consider using different colors for your eyes. Colors like browns, rusty colors, peaches or greys can really make your eyes look elegant and different. You can also apply two or more eye shadow on your eye lids. Start with the lightest and precede it with darkest color. Black eye liners are good options for blue eyes.

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