Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lip makeup - Lip glosses, lip balms & lipsticks

Lip glosses are the new rage and it is famous in all the age groups. Lip glosses are of different types, some are shimmery while some are nude. Some are colored while some are transparent. Glosses can also be applied over lipsticks add a shine.

Some lip glosses also contain collagen that plumps up the lips. So this is quite the ideal option then injecting stuffs inside your lips! 

Apart from lip glosses there are the chap sticks and the lip balm. Lip balm and chap sticks contain petroleum jelly which is known to have healing properties. They cure chapped and dry lips. These balms and chap sticks contain sun protection factor which protects your lips from tanning. So always keep one handy and keep applying them at regular intervals.

Shimmery lip glosses should be avoided as the shimmer particles can get a little tricky to remove afterwards. Apply nude shades for a day time look and the colored lip glosses can be worn for the night time party look!

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