Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mascara application tips

Choose mascara, there are many types available. They’re the ones which add volume to your eyelashes. There are different types of mascara available - waterproof mascara, curling mascara’s, conditioning mascara, thickening mascara and colored mascara’s.  For a day time look go for the lengthening one while for the night time look, add drama by going for the long lasting waterproof mascara with a thickening formula.

Choose mascara that matches with your hair. If you have dark hair, go for black mascara and if you have blonde or reddish brown hair, go for brown toned one.

Although there is curling mascara, I would strongly advise you to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This is because the curling mascara’s don’t really work that well. The mascara should be applied from the end to the tip of the lashes.

Keep your chin up and apply the mascara in an upward stroke. Role the mascara from the end to the very tip. Apply three to four coats. Allow each coat to dry first.

After you have applied the coat, separate the lashes using an eyelash comb. Use a soft piece of cloth to remove the residuals.

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