Friday, 28 October 2011

Nail art designs for short nails

Now, if you have small nails, you might think that nail art designs cannot be done. On the contrary there are many designs which can look extremely good on short nails.  Here are some crazy nail art ideas which can be easily done at home.

Stripe design can look very good on short nails. You can apply lighter shade for the base and darker shades to make the stripes. Shades of black and navy blue are quite in rage. You can also go for metallic shades as well. Apply the first coat and allow it to dry. After the coats have dried, apply the stripes. You can go for horizontal stripes or vertical ones. You can also go a bit graphic. Apart from the two colors, you will need a nail art pen. After both the coats have dried off, you use of the pen to draw lines over it to create another design altogether.

Bring the 70’s back with the polka dot design. How easy can it get? We have seen out favorite celebs sporting this design. All you need are two nail colors. Paint your nails the way you do and use a pop art to apply the small dot and you are sorted.

You can also try diagonal lines over your nail paints. Keep it simple and neat.

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