Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How to Wear Lip Gloss

When it comes to applying lip gloss, the golden rule is to moisturize them before using gloss. Gloss can make your lips dry. So it is important to moisturize your lips with Vaseline or lip balm before using your lip gloss. Always keep in mind that no lip gloss can stay on your lips for more than 3-4 hours. So it is important to reapply your lip gloss after regular intervals.

If you want your gloss to stay for longer time, apply a dark shade lipstick before applying lip gloss. It will offer a solid base color to your gloss. Now dab a little gloss to the middle of your lips.

Be sure the gloss shade you select goes well with your natural lip tone.

You should avoid wearing too loud or glittery shades of lip glosses for office wear. They are ideal for special occasions or parties.

Always use a lip balm or Vaseline before using your lip gloss.

I wish the above mentioned tips on how to apply lip gloss will be helpful. :) 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Eyeliner Advise – Basic Application Tips & Tricks

These days, we are bombarded with so many types and shades of eyeliner. There is a perfect eyeliner formula and shade for everyone. You can choose from pencil form, liquid form to felt tip type eyeliners. The area around our eyes is really sensitive so it is essential to know the right application tips.

You can apply pencil eyeliners to your upper and bottom eyelashes. If you are opting for liquid formula, only apply it to your upper eyelid.

If you are blessed with green eyes, choose violet eyeliner pencil. It will look wonderful and accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes.

If you are using liquid or cakey eyeliner, apply it with a brush. It will stay for longer time.

If you do not apply makeup on regular basis, you should go with pencil eyeliner. These are easy to apply and also you can smudge them to achieve a subtle look.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Types of Eye Shadow

There are different types of eye shadow that are now available in market. However, here we’re going to specifically elaborate about cream and matte type of eye shadow. Some of its information is given below:

Cream:  Creamy eye shadows area available in variety of colors like beige, orange, blue, pink, red etc. Make sure that you always keep the container tightly closed as after every use it tends to dry and becomes less productive for the next use. You can very conveniently use cream eye shadow as they very seamlessly get blended with the skin. Due greasy texture, it can be applied by dry and normal skin. Oily skinned should rather prefer using powder type eye shadow rather than going for cream eye shadow.

Matte:  Mattes type eye shadow also comes in a variety of colors. They have widest range of colors as compare to any other type of eye shadow. They are good to wear for evening parties and clubbing. All kind of skin type can consider applying matte eye shadow.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Natural Nail Care Tips

Nails play an important role in giving you polished look. Beautiful nails can make your hands look beautiful and charming, while yellow, poorly kept nails can spoil your overall appearance. This is why you should take special care of your nails.

When it is about natural nail care, you should avoid using nail products that contains harsh chemicals.

Here are few natural nail care tips that will help you get healthy nails and cuticles:

You should never bite your nails. It is not only unhygienic but can also cause various diseases.

Never cut your cuticles as it can weaken your nails. You can simply push them back with orange wooden stick.

You should apply olive oil or moisturizing lotion to your nails before going to bed at night.

Be sure you cut your nails at least once in two weeks.

File your nails after trimming them. You should always file your nails in one direction only. You should go from corner to middle.

Make sure you drink adequate amount of water daily. It keeps your nails healthy and strong.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Four Easy Steps for Makeup Application

Makeup is something that is very inevitable part for any woman. She can skip everything but not makeup application. A proper makeup application helps to enhance the looks by making it more pronouncing. You can easily acquire those perfect looks from makeup, when you follow it with a proper technique. Following are four easy steps for makeup application.

•The very first step involves the coverage part where you can apply foundation and concealer. Use foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone.
•After the coverage is done, go on to apply blush. Choose a shade that looks good on your face.
•Apply eye makeup with the help of an eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and curling tool.
•After the eye makeup, apply lip makeup with the help of lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss.

Follow these steps and beautifully accentuate your face to make it more gorgeous.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Eye Makeup Products

Eye makeup products are mainly eye shadow, eye pencil, eye brow pencil, mascara, eye liner and curling tool. By making use of all these products you can achieve a stunning and appealing eye makeup. You just need to make use of them step by step and in a correct technique.

Normally, to start with your eye makeup, you should first consider applying eye shadow of your choice, and then blend it well. After eye shadow apply a fine line of eyeliner. You can choose any shade of your choice. Once your eyeliner application is done go on to apply mascara. Make sure to apply at least two coats of mascara. To make your eyes more smashing considers curling your eyelashes with a help of curling tool. To fill in the gap between your eyebrows, make use of a eyebrow pencil. And lastly, use an eye pencil if you feel to apply.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Few Tips for Natural Beauty

Beauty is something that is subject to tarnish if not taken care off. A baby is born with a perfect soft skin but as time passes its skin has to face various skin problems that tend to diminish the skin quality. As a woman, our skin is also very sensitive just like a baby skin and mend to be loose its beauty if not taken proper care. However, our mother nature has bestowed us with many natural tips that we can incorporate in our beauty regimen to get back that crowning glory for our skin. 

The most essential natural tip is to drink lots of water. It is recommended to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. You should eat well so that your skin can reflect a healthy glow. Stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking, and indulge in regular exercises. Cleanse your face with homemade remedies and lead a stress free life.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Simple Natural Beauty Tips

Natural beauty tips are very handy and you can very easily follow it with bringing a little change in your lifestyle and habits. Following are some easy natural beauty tips that you should incorporate in your day to day life.

  • Always drink a lot of water .i.e. at least 8 to 10 glasses to maintain the hydration of your skin.
  • Indulge in regular exercises, and devote at least 45 minutes for the same.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food items on daily basis like green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and milk products.
  • Keep yourself away from smoking and drinking.
  • Clean, moisturize and exfoliate your face on daily basis.
  • Don’t overdo makeup application, and remove entire makeup before you go to sleep.
  • For your beauty care, always make sure to use products that are naturally mild, and are suitable for your skin type.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Colors in Clothes

Colors are one aspect that plays a very role in our life. It is very hard to imagine a life without colors. Imagine if there were no colors our life would be nothing more than a black and white canvas. But fortunately, our life is filled with innumerable colors. Every aspect of our life is somewhere or the other way connected with, and so are our clothes. To make clothes look good the major component that comes into play is colors. Almost all shades and tones of colors are utilized in clothing range. However, all colors to do suit everyone as everyone differ with their skin tones.

For people with pale or fair skin complexion dark and contrast shades may look good. On the other hand of people who have dark skin, they can accentuate their personality with light and warm colored clothes. Amongst all medium skin toned people are the luckiest one as they can wear both dark and light shades.

Fast and Easy Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner is considered as one of the most beloved makeup products among women. They simply wear it along the rim of their eyes. Here are basic few eyeliner application tips and tricks that you need to follow:

If you are using liquid eyeliner, you should apply it to your upper eyelashes. You should choose pencil eyeliner for your lower eyelashes.

If you want to achieve a dramatic look, you should use a colored kajal to your upper and lower eyelashes. Also apply black liquid eyeliner to your upper eyelashes.

For smoky eyes, simply line your lash line and smudge with Q-tip.

Apply eyeliner as close to the base of the lashes as possible.

The tighter the eyelid is, easier it will be to apply the eyeliner. So hold your eyelid gently while applying your eyeliner.

You should avoid applying too much eyeliner as it looks harsh. Simply draw one fine line and this is it.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

It can be confusing to choose the right kind of makeup for dark skin. Follow these simple tips to know the right shades and tricks for your skin.

The foundation/concealer that you choose should have a water base. You go for colors like tan, sun-kissed bronze and peach.

Avoid applying too much powder as you can end up looking purdy. Instead go for a bronzer. Make sure you blend it well so that it doesn’t settle in the lines.

You can go for eyeshadow shades like purple, brown, burgundy, copper and blue. Apply a single shade over your eyelids as multiple shades can look messy.

Avoid using eyeliner but if you want you use a kohl pencil to line your upper and lower lids. Make sure the kohl is smudge free and waterproof. Just apply a thin line with it.

Go for clear mascara instead of the usual jet black or the brown one. Apply 2 coats of it. It will add length and volume.

When it comes to lipsticks, avoid frosty colors. Instead, choose colors like plum, maroon, coffee and berry shaded one. Avoid matte lipstick as they can make your lips look lifeless and dry. Go for cream based lipstick. You can also apply glosses over your lipstick to add an “oomph” factor.

While applying blushes, opt for shades like golden, light pink, cherry, crimson and deep purple. They work well with dark skin.

These tips would surely make you look like an ultimate diva!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Natural Ingredients for Skin

Mother Nature has bestowed us with many natural ingredients that help to beautify ourselves. Almost all the cosmetics and skin care products are extracted from these natural ingredients. Most of the natural ingredients are readily available at our place and we can very easily bring them into use.

For instance, cucumber is considered to be one of the best skin soother as it cures many of skin disorders and provides natural coolness to your face. Again, papaya is a wonderful fruit which is not only a very effective skin lightener but also helps to keep your skin healthy.   Turmeric is also one of the best natural ingredients that have serve mankind since ages. Many of our grave skin problems are healed with proper intake of turmeric in our diet. Orange peel is an excellent natural ingredient that helps to embellish skin in many ways. Similarly, there are many such natural ingredients that have various qualities and can always help to beautify and nourish the skin.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Simple ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Healthy skin is something that everyone aspires to have. However, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you get a healthy and a radiant skin. Following are some of the points that can guide you for the same.

You should mainly focus on to start your beauty care regime with cleanse your face properly. Try to apply makeup as less as possible.

Make sure to apply sunscreen when you go out especially between the peak hours .i.e.  10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Consider washing your face with a cleanser in morning. And, similarly at night make sure to wash your face before go to bed. In case you have faced and been exposed to polluted air, oils from your hands, and other environmental factors all day then again make sure to cleanse and moisturize your face. Always be certain to remove entire makeup and clean it before going to bed. Try taking steam to make pores open at least twice a week.

Do Exercise regularly especially to accelerate the blood circulation of your body.

Importance of Lip liner in your lip makeup

Lip liner is one of the most important tools to make your lips look luscious and stunning. You simply cannot afford to skip a lip liner from a makeup routine. It is a very essential makeup product that is required by every woman to complete her lip makeup. If you wish to add that wow factor for your looks, lip liner is a must. Without lip liner your lips cannot look fuller, thicker and beautiful. Lip liner is only product that can add the precise definition to your lips. There are various types of lip liner that are available in market today you just need to choose the correct one for yourself.

Majorly, lip liner helps to accentuate your lips and also embellish your lipstick that you’re wearing. While wearing lip liner you should always make sure that the shade of lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick shade. You can stop your lipstick from bleeding, if you wear a lip liner.