Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Natural Ingredients for Skin

Mother Nature has bestowed us with many natural ingredients that help to beautify ourselves. Almost all the cosmetics and skin care products are extracted from these natural ingredients. Most of the natural ingredients are readily available at our place and we can very easily bring them into use.

For instance, cucumber is considered to be one of the best skin soother as it cures many of skin disorders and provides natural coolness to your face. Again, papaya is a wonderful fruit which is not only a very effective skin lightener but also helps to keep your skin healthy.   Turmeric is also one of the best natural ingredients that have serve mankind since ages. Many of our grave skin problems are healed with proper intake of turmeric in our diet. Orange peel is an excellent natural ingredient that helps to embellish skin in many ways. Similarly, there are many such natural ingredients that have various qualities and can always help to beautify and nourish the skin.

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