Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Natural Nail Care Tips

Nails play an important role in giving you polished look. Beautiful nails can make your hands look beautiful and charming, while yellow, poorly kept nails can spoil your overall appearance. This is why you should take special care of your nails.

When it is about natural nail care, you should avoid using nail products that contains harsh chemicals.

Here are few natural nail care tips that will help you get healthy nails and cuticles:

You should never bite your nails. It is not only unhygienic but can also cause various diseases.

Never cut your cuticles as it can weaken your nails. You can simply push them back with orange wooden stick.

You should apply olive oil or moisturizing lotion to your nails before going to bed at night.

Be sure you cut your nails at least once in two weeks.

File your nails after trimming them. You should always file your nails in one direction only. You should go from corner to middle.

Make sure you drink adequate amount of water daily. It keeps your nails healthy and strong.

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