Friday, 25 November 2011

Types of Eye Shadow

There are different types of eye shadow that are now available in market. However, here we’re going to specifically elaborate about cream and matte type of eye shadow. Some of its information is given below:

Cream:  Creamy eye shadows area available in variety of colors like beige, orange, blue, pink, red etc. Make sure that you always keep the container tightly closed as after every use it tends to dry and becomes less productive for the next use. You can very conveniently use cream eye shadow as they very seamlessly get blended with the skin. Due greasy texture, it can be applied by dry and normal skin. Oily skinned should rather prefer using powder type eye shadow rather than going for cream eye shadow.

Matte:  Mattes type eye shadow also comes in a variety of colors. They have widest range of colors as compare to any other type of eye shadow. They are good to wear for evening parties and clubbing. All kind of skin type can consider applying matte eye shadow.

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