Monday, 26 December 2011

Natural Eye Makeup Look for Mesmerizing Eyes

Are you bored of your same old makeup? Are you looking for new makeup look that is completely different from your present look? If yes, then continue reading for a different makeup look for you. Natural eye makeup look can be the safest bet for women who are looking for a whole new makeup look.

Natural makeup look demands minimal makeup application. This makeup makes your face look fresh all day. Your face looks natural and effortless. 

You should choose the right makeup colors and the right makeup application techniques. When it comes to natural makeup, you should opt for neutral colors. You can flaunt your natural makeup look at all occasions.

Just like any other makeup look, you should here start with foundation. Apply foundation to your lid area and under your eyes. It will even out the skin tone.

Draw your upper lash line with pencil eyeliner for natural eye makeup look. Sweep one stroke of mascara to your eyelashes. You can skip eyeshadow for natural look. 

Friday, 16 December 2011

How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

An average Indian woman spends thousands of bucks on their nail care products and nail polishes. Though applying nail polish is not a difficult task, but if applied wrongly it can spoil your entire look. If you are one of those women who don’t know how to use nail paint, here are few easy tips for you:

First of all, you need to prepare your nails. You must trim your nails, give perfect shape, push back the cuticles and file them. You should wash your hands & feet with warm water and mild shampoo. Apply a good moisturizer to your hands and feet.

You should choose a place where are no disruptions and has correct lightening. Keep your nail polish remover, cotton and your favorite shade of nail polish.

Apply first coat of nail polish with the nail polish brush. You should first apply the nail color to your fingernails. Let the nail polish dry. Now apply nail paint to your toe nails. Let it dry.

Now apply second coat of nail paint to your finger nails, and then to toe nails.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Quick Makeup Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin is a common problem faced by women who have oily skin. A majority of women try expensive beauty products, painful skin treatments and branded makeup products to hide any acne marks or spots. But sometimes nothing seems to work on your skin and beauty products, skin treatments and makeup have their lower side. Good news is, you can get gorgeous, glowing skin by following the below given tips:

You should begin with your cleansing regimen. You should cleanse your face with mild cleanser. 

Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer that suits your skin type. You should moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Choose moisturizer with less oil contents for acne-prone skin.

Be sure you apply concealer to any broken out skin or blemishes.

Now apply foundation to your face and neck to even out skin tone. It will give a smooth canvas for other makeup.

You should dust a little loose powder and apply blush to your cheekbones for healthy, radiant skin. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Office Makeup – Quick Tips for Women

When it is about office makeup for a professional look, you should always remember that “less is more”. A lot of women don’t know how to apply makeup for work place. Some women don’t use makeup at all, while there are others who end up overdoing it. Makeup plays an important role in making you look well-groomed, yet simple. If you are one of those women who don’t know the right makeup application technique for work place, here are few tips for you:

Dab a little foundation to cheeks, forehead, nose, ears and neck. Blend it well. This will help you hide any skin flaws and even out the skin tone. 

Dust some powder to your face. It will make your makeup to stay for longer time.
Use a neutral shade of eyeshadow to add color to your eyes. Draw your upper lash line with pencil eyeliner and sweep one stroke of mascara to accentuate your lashes.

Simply apply a neutral shade of lip gloss to your lips.

How to choose quick makeup

Makeup is very simple in application the only thing that is required here is the right kind of makeup application. The only thing which needs to be precisely taken well care of is neat application of the makeup products of right quality in right quantity.

You should always ensure to use only those makeup products that are good for your skin and also suits your skin type. Be certain that if you have an oily skin; make sure to use only those products that can suit oily skin type. Whenever you apply makeup, be certain that you have not overboard yourself with makeup. Apply it as per the occasion. For instance, when you looking for an evening cocktail party, you’re makeup should be more of dramatic. Where else when you seek for more natural look then you makeup should be more soft and subtle. You can always consider experimenting with your makeup.

Monday, 12 December 2011

How to make your lips beautiful

A very popular trick to add volume is dazzling up your lip with a lip gloss. Dab on some lip gloss over the lipstick in a way so that it look voluminous and plump. A lip gloss enhances your lips by accentuating the arc and the shape of your lips. You can make your lips appear fuller by defining your top lip with a lip liner. Just swivel a lip liner by defining the curves on the top lip. Then just apply some gloss on your lips and you will notice the difference!

You can apply the lip liner and extend it beyond the natural lip crease. Fill in with your favorite color and apply nude or a clear gloss to add pout. You can also apply foundation. Foundation is also an ideal solution when it comes to making the lips look fuller. Apply some foundation before applying the lipstick. Just add a dash of a thin layer and blend it well along the lip line. Extend it a bit till outside and use a lip liner to give them a beautiful shape.  Apply the liner on the outside and then fill in with lipstick.

Friday, 9 December 2011

How to apply eyeliner to accentuate your eyes

A lot of women apply eyeliner to accentuate their eyes and draw attention to them. Applying eyeliner can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. However, with little patience and practice, anyone can learn the art of applying eyeliner. For perfect eyeliner application, it is essential to pick the right formula. Today, the market is flooded with various shades and types of eyeliners. You can choose from liquid eyeliner to pencil eyeliner, depending upon the looks you want to achieve and your comfort level with the product.

You should choose liquid eyeliner if you want to achieve a glamorous look. Liquid liners usually come with brush applicators and are easy to apply. If you are using liquid eyeliner, always start with small lines.

Go with pencil eyeliner if you do not use makeup regularly. Pencil eyeliner is an excellent option if you want to achieve a natural look.

While applying liner to the upper lashes, be sure you line as close to your lash line as possible.

You should avoid applying liquid eyeliner to your lower lashes.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The leather jacket - Essential wardrobe for Men

Leather jacket is a must-have for every mans’ wardrobe. They look sexy yet very masculine. You can pair it up with a pair of denim and shoes (please keep those converse away, I mean real boots here). Go for a black or brown color leather jacket as they go with everything and can be easily accessorized. Leather jackets are expensive but it is a fashion investment. Avoid wearing the faux leather jackets as they can look very shabby. A leather jacket also has to be maintained regularly. You can just throw it up with a bunch of other clothes. When you have invested a lot of money, you have to make sure you do it a justice!

You should completely avoid the cheap quality leather or faux leather, the heat generated by the drying radiators. Try to be stylish and fashionable as much as possible.

Rules for Makeup

Applying the right kind of makeup with the right kind of amount is the most essential part of any makeup regimen. You should know well about different kinds of shades and colors that can really embellish your beauty. Never resort to apply an extra makeup for your face, as this can be worst makeup faux pas for your makeup. For some women, dramatically makeup is what looks best, where else for some natural makeup is what that gives better results.  Apply all the makeup products step by step.

First consider applying foundation and then follow it with concealer, blush, and eye makeup and eventually lip makeup. Make sure that all the makeup products that you’re using are of good brands. Take proper care of skin so that all the makeup products can embellish your beauty in a much better way. Eat right kind of food so that your skin is naturally glowing and requires least makeup application.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Easy Tips for Men Clothing

For any man, what make or break its personality is the clothing what he chooses to wear. For many of us there is a big misconception that makes us feel is that if you wear a branded cloth all your clothing concern is taken well care of. Anyways, this is not the actual fact even when you consider wearing to a branded cloth, you need to be sure that its colors, fits etc all goes well with your persona. Astute Fittings and proper color combination are some of the very essential aspects that one needs to consider in men clothing wear.  

It’s not always essential for you to wear very high end clothes; you can even wear simple attire and bring that charm in your overall personality. It’s not always essential for you to dress up like a rock star or very flashy. Sometimes, a simple t-shirt and pair of denim can also help you embracing the masculine allure in your appearance.

Friday, 2 December 2011

How to Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

Every woman wishes to have a magical wand that helps her to apply makeup within few minutes. But often it seems impossible as we tend to make more mistakes when we are in hurry. However, you can look absolutely stunning and apply your makeup within five minutes. Here are few simple tips and tricks to apply makeup in 5 minutes:

Apply a good moisturizer to your face and neck. It will give a smooth base to your other makeup. Apply concealer to spots, scars and blemishes. It will help you even out your skin tone. 

Choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply foundation to your face and neck. Blend it well.

Now sweep one stroke to mascara to your lashes. It will make your lashes look thicker and longer.  

Apply a nice shade of lip gloss to give final touch to your polished look.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Know some basics about clothing

Now that you have so much of space in your wardrobe, it’s time to fill it up again. This time you have to buy that will actually make you feel good and suits your body type. You have to start shopping from the basic. There are some “must-haves” that should be there in every women’s closet. 

A pair of denims, a pair of black trouser (for rainy day), a white and black tee, a jacket and a floral dress. Once you have got these little nitty-gritty’s right, there is no stopping. Shopping is an art, so take your time in choosing the right outfit. And spend the right amount by knowing where to scrimp and where to splurge. 

Hence, it is very essential for you to bring the proper basics for your clothing line. Try to be as much as perfect.