Monday, 12 December 2011

How to make your lips beautiful

A very popular trick to add volume is dazzling up your lip with a lip gloss. Dab on some lip gloss over the lipstick in a way so that it look voluminous and plump. A lip gloss enhances your lips by accentuating the arc and the shape of your lips. You can make your lips appear fuller by defining your top lip with a lip liner. Just swivel a lip liner by defining the curves on the top lip. Then just apply some gloss on your lips and you will notice the difference!

You can apply the lip liner and extend it beyond the natural lip crease. Fill in with your favorite color and apply nude or a clear gloss to add pout. You can also apply foundation. Foundation is also an ideal solution when it comes to making the lips look fuller. Apply some foundation before applying the lipstick. Just add a dash of a thin layer and blend it well along the lip line. Extend it a bit till outside and use a lip liner to give them a beautiful shape.  Apply the liner on the outside and then fill in with lipstick.

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