Monday, 26 December 2011

Natural Eye Makeup Look for Mesmerizing Eyes

Are you bored of your same old makeup? Are you looking for new makeup look that is completely different from your present look? If yes, then continue reading for a different makeup look for you. Natural eye makeup look can be the safest bet for women who are looking for a whole new makeup look.

Natural makeup look demands minimal makeup application. This makeup makes your face look fresh all day. Your face looks natural and effortless. 

You should choose the right makeup colors and the right makeup application techniques. When it comes to natural makeup, you should opt for neutral colors. You can flaunt your natural makeup look at all occasions.

Just like any other makeup look, you should here start with foundation. Apply foundation to your lid area and under your eyes. It will even out the skin tone.

Draw your upper lash line with pencil eyeliner for natural eye makeup look. Sweep one stroke of mascara to your eyelashes. You can skip eyeshadow for natural look. 

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